Student Program Staff

Student Program Staff

Colin Bergmann : Student Program Staff

Colin Bergmann

Student Program Staff

Colin is a Environmental Engineering student (2021) at Northeastern. He became interested in STEM at a young age through taking apart and tinkering with various household appliances. He first started working with STEM outreach at his high school where he worked as a student mentor in his school’s fabrication laboratory. In this position, he introduced teachers, children, and English language learners to the space and helped familiarize them with the machines and software. At Northeastern he is involved in NUHOC, Enabling Engineering, and intramural dodgeball and badminton. Outside of STEM, Colin is passionate about the environment and enjoys hiking, camping, biking, and relaxing in the outdoors.

Emily Chernich : Student Program Staff

Emily Chernich

Student Program Staff

Emily is a  Bioengineering student at Northeastern. She has been involved in STEM programs and activities since middle school, one of which was Science Olympiad. She works at the Center helping lead programming at BPS Schools public libraries and field trips on campus. She likes working with students and seeing their excitement for STEM subjects.

Emily loves the outdoors, actively rock climbing, skiing, and hiking throughout the year. She loves baking, especially pies, of which she makes an excellent strawberry rhubarb pie.  She also enjoys traveling and was able to live and research abroad at the Institute for Biomechanics Germany in 2017 .

Brittany Fung : Student Program Staff

Brittany Fung

Student Program Staff

Brittany is a physical therapy student (2021), pursuing a minor in computer science. She has been interested in STEM since she enrolled in a pre-engineering high school. Now she enjoys being able to continue to be involved with technology and engineering even though she chose not to major in either of those particular fields.

Brittany is involved with preparing for and helping out during field trips as well as doing research about new activities that the Center could implement. Outside of the Center, she enjoys programming (but at a very basic level right now) and doing anything involving crafting and creativity. She is especially excited about the emerging concept of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math).

Sakura Gandolfo : Student Program Staff

Sakura Gandolfo

Student Program Staff

Sakura is a Pharmacy major (2023) at Northeastern University. She became involved with the Center for STEM following her participation in the Young Scholars Program, a six week high school research program. During the program, Sakura worked in Professor Carol Livermore's lab, focusing on origami-enabled liver tissue engineering, and she was given the opportunity to present her research at a science conference sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Sakura has also worked as a counselor for various summer STEM programs hosted by the Center for STEM and oversaw middle school and high school students. Outside of school, Sakura enjoys figure skating, hiking, and collecting watches.

Nathalie Leger : Student Program Staff

Nathalie Leger

Student Program Staff

Nathalie is a Bioengineering major graduating in 2021 at Northeastern University. She has loved Biology since elementary school and got involved in other aspects of STEM during high school. She tutored kids in science throughout high school and enjoys working with children and getting them more interested in STEM. Nathalie will be helping with office work and also helping with field trips. At Northeastern, Nathalie is part of BMES, STEMout, and SWE. She likes to bake and loves dogs.

Juan Mesa : Student Program Staff

Juan Mesa

Student Program Staff

Juan is an aspiring Mechanical Engineering student at Northeastern University. He is originally from Medellin, Colombia but came to the United States at the age of 5, where his parents could offer him a better life. One of his greatest achievements was getting into the College of Engineering at Northeastern University where he hopes to receive his undergraduate degree and, eventually, take his knowledge to the Automobile Industry. He has been a part of various STEM clubs and departments since his arrival at Northeastern, where he also works to aid current and prospective students while establishing engineering awareness programs to local elementary schools. Through hard work and discipline he is determined to bring forth new technologies and leave an impact that will make the world a healthier yet more comfortable place for current and future generations. Some of his interests include working out, going to car shows, socializing, and going out. Feel free to stop him for a chat whenever!

Oscar Yubi : Student Program Staff

Oscar Yubi

Student Program Staff

Oscar is a Civil Engineering student (2021) at Northeastern College of Engineering. He is a NSF S-Power Scholar, an undergraduate scholarship opportunity for URM transfer students interested in completing an engineering degree at Northeastern University with aspirations of working in the energy sector. At his previous institution, he was a mentor to underrepresented high school students in the Jamaica, Queens NY. As a mentor, he tutor high school students with different STEM topics. At Northeastern, he is a very active student organizations member. He is involved in NUASCE (Program Coordinator), NUSBO (Internal Outreach Coordinator), and Engineers without Borders. Also, he is currently involved with research at the laboratory for Structural Testing of Resilience and Sustainability Systems. Outside of Northeastern, Oscar is a passionate with Health/Fitness, traveling and hiking.

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