Former Staff

Former Staff

Tim Fiedler : Student Program Staff (On Co-op)

Tim Fiedler

Student Program Staff (On Co-op)

Tim is an Industrial Engineering student (2021) at Northeastern. He first became interested in STEM when he joined the FIRST Robotics team at his high school. As a member of the team he was able to improve his programming and engineering skills, as well as, help at STEM outreach events organized by the team. These events focused on increasing interest in STEM by teaching young students about robots and engineering. At Northeastern, Tim is a member of the club ultimate frisbee team and the Biomedical Engineering Society. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, running, going to sporting events, traveling, and reading.

Maddy Leger : Student Program Staff

Maddy Leger

Student Program Staff

Maddy is a Computer Engineering major with a Business Administration minor graduating in 2018. Maddy has been with the Center for STEM since her freshman year, and with the support and mentorship of the Center for STEM faculty has become a Gordon-CenSSIS Scholar, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Chapter president, and an active research student in Northeastern's Computer Architecture Research Group (NUCAR). Maddy loves helping out with the Friday field trips as well as Building Bridges. She also spent two semesters at the Parker Hill and Mattapan library branches.

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Phoebe Patwell : Student Program Staff

Phoebe Patwell

Student Program Staff

Phoebe is an industrial engineering major. After getting involved with STEM outreach through her high school's FIRST robotics team, she was very excited to have the chance to help support the Center for STEM Education. Her favorite part about working for the Center for STEM is getting to help run field trips and events at Northeastern for students throughout the Greater Boston area like the BPS Science Fair and the Building Bridges program.

Phoebe has worked with the Center for STEM Education since her freshman year and has worked on everything from field trips to outreach at the Curley School to curriculum development. Outside of work, she likes to cook, knit, and play board games with friends.

Joey DeSomma : Student Program Staff

Joey DeSomma

Student Program Staff

Joey is a combined Communications and Film and Media Studies major. He attended a STEM focused high school believing he wanted to be an engineer. Soon after beginning school he realized engineering was not for him, but his love for math, science, and learning endured and is what pushed him to work for the Center. Joey is involved in GlobeMed, an organization focused on helping provide clean water to some of the one billion people who don't have access to it. He is working on the creation of videos for the NSF Video Showcase and doing whatever he can for the office. When not working at the Center, Joey can be found eating, running, or watching Netflix.

Jonella Esposito : Student Program Staff

Jonella Esposito

Student Program Staff

Jonella is an American Sign Language student (2019), and looking to continue pursuing a double major in Video Game Design. She has been interested in STEM since she first did Lego Robotics clubs and programs in elementary school. Last year she attended Worcester  Polytechnic Institute pursuing a degree in Video Game Design and has since transferred to  Northeastern.

Jonella is involved with preparing for field trips and helping out in the office. She is also involved in the Parker Hill Library program on Wednesdays. Outside of the Center, she enjoys creating her own animations and other types of art work. She is very excited about including art making it STEAM instead of STEM since she was an art major at a tech school last year.

Henry Jacobson : Student Program Staff

Henry Jacobson

Student Program Staff

Henry is an undeclared engineering student graduating in 2021 at Northeastern. He has had interest in STEM since he was very young. He realized his passion for math and science from his courses in school. With such a love for these subjects he hopes to help younger students share this passion. Outside of Stem Henry also enjoys playing sports, hockey especially, playing video games, and spending time with friends.

Zack Shaw : Summer Lead Staff

Zack Shaw

Summer Lead Staff

Zack Shaw is a graduate student studying English at Northeastern. He has been a summer counselor for the Summer STEM Program (NUSSP) for the past three years and this year will be co-leading the program. He works at Northeastern's writing center as an English tutor. He is an avid movie watcher and film enthusiast, having seen a movie a day for the past few years. He also enjoys hiking and reading, particularly 20th century American literature.

Jenna Kiely : Student Program Staff

Jenna Kiely

Student Program Staff

Jenna Kiely graduated from Northeastern University in the spring of 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. With an interest in community outreach, she started working at the Center for STEM in June of 2014 and has been involved with the Young Scholars Program, the Summer STEM Program, and field trips. Her hobbies include reading, dancing, running, knitting scarves, and collecting boxes.

Gina Bellato : Student Program Staff

Gina Bellato

Student Program Staff

Gina graduated from Northeastern in 2016 with a degree in Environmental Geology and Environmental Studies. She played 5 years on the women's club soccer team where she traveled to Nationals in Memphis, TN and Phoenix, AZ. While at Northeastern she worked on environmental advocacy with the Husky Environmental Action Team and she enjoyed camping and skiing with NUHOC, the outdoors club. Her love for biking brought her on a summer dialogue to the Netherlands where she studied sustainable transportation design while biking to several cities on bike superhighways. She brought the Imagining the Future of Transportation program into fruition.

Maureen Cabrera : Project Implementation Coordinator (Former)

Maureen Cabrera

Project Implementation Coordinator (Former)

Maureen graduated from Northeastern University in 2015 with a BS in Industrial Engineering and Minor in Business Administration. She coordinated the 2015 Young Scholars Program with Maddy Leger. She was the Project Implementation Coordinator for the Center, where she oversaw and ran the various programs offered by the Center for STEM. Her interest in STEM outreach comes from her love of engineering and passion for teaching and inspiring young minds. She loves to travel and has been to Italy, Israel, France, Austria, Hungary, Mexico, Canada, and various states in America. Maureen enjoys hiking, boating, and beaching. She is very proud to have gotten to meet Jimmy Fallon at Chinese restaurant in Harvard Square.

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Leo Mitchell : Student Program Staff

Leo Mitchell

Student Program Staff

Major: Bioengineering
Club Involvement: STEM Out, Enabling Engineering

Kenneth Afriyie : Student Program Staff

Kenneth Afriyie

Student Program Staff

Kenneth was a first year undergraduate student pursuing a combined major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science.  He was involved with the IEEE workshop program, BESS, and the Micromouse team.  His interest in STEM outreach came from the programs he experienced when he was younger.  He liked to help others be exposed to the field and enjoy STEM fields as much as he does.  He performed work around the office and helped prepare projects which were run during the field trips.  Ken enjoys playing soccer and programming.

Bill Chan : Student Program Staff

Bill Chan

Student Program Staff

Bill is a Mechanical Engineering Student at Northeastern. His interest in STEM came from all the physics games he played when he was a kid. He was involved with mentoring kids in high school and always felt that STEM topics were the most fun to teach. Bill helps out around the office and during field trips. Outside of STEM, Bill likes to participate in board games and video games with friends.

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