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Building Bridges – Fall 2016

December 2016 Building Bridges The CoE / Center for STEM Education‘s fall edition of Building Bridges took place today. 63 high school students from 49 schools and 7 states attended. A large thank you to all the faculty, staff, and volunteers for making this event possible! Following registration and session selection, Claire Duggan’s and Rich […]

Field Trip – Brooke Roslindale Charte...

On December 2nd, fifth grade students from the Brooke Roslindale Charter School came for a field trip on telecommunications. In the morning, students learned about the history of telecommunications, then took turns either learning more about phone lines / building a 3D network and using snap circuits to learn about and send morse code. After […]

Field Trip – Murphy K-8 School

On November 18th, a large group (65) of 7th grade students came from the Murphy K-8 School to learn about the engineering design process. In the morning, students designed and built popsicle stick catapults, and shot them at volunteers (part of the plan!). During lunch, Assistant Dean Richard Harris came in for a motivational speech […]

Field Trip – Dudley St. Neighborhood ...

Today, on November 4th, 40+ fourth/fifth grade students from the Dudley St. Neighborhood Charter School came to learn about the engineering design process. In the morning, students designed, built, and tested the devices to catch falling eggs, rather than protecting the eggs as they fall. In the afternoon, students took turns building paper towers and […]

Field Trip – Lee K-8

On October 28th, ~30 4th grade students from the Lee K-8 School came for a field trip to learn about energy and electricity. Our volunteers Kurt Jaisle and Carlin Reynolds led the morning presentation and activities on snap circuits and solar panels. After lunch, Kristen Braley and Jameson O’Reilly lead the afternoon presentation and activity: […]

NUSSP Fall Callback

On October 22nd we had our fall callback for middle-school aged NUSSP alumni [high school alumni took part in NEPTUN’s Splash event]. Students from the past 3 years came back for a day to see each other again, meet other alumni, and learn about disaster preparation. Colin, one of our work studies, has been working […]

Field Trip – King K-8 School

On October 7th, 7th and 8th grade students from the King K-8 School came to Northeastern to learn about engineering. Northeastern’s chapter of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) taught the students about rockets and helped them design, build, and test paper rockets. In the afternoon, Alpay Demiryurek, from the civil engineering department, led […]

Field Trip – Longsjo Middle School

Today, on September 30th, 7th and 8th grade students from Longsjo Middle School in Fitchburg came to visit Northeastern for this year’s second field trip. Our work study Maddy Leger taught the students about electricity, energy, and circuits. Students used snap circuits kits to learn about circuits in series and in parallel. Students also used […]

Field Trip – O.H. Perry K-8 School

Today, September 23, 2016, Mary Moran brought 4th and 5th grade students from the O.H. Perry School to learn about engineering and environmental sciences. Students learned about pollution and how it affects the Charles River. Students read a story, during which they polluted the Charles River (represented by a basin of water). During lunch, the […]

Volunteer Opportunity – Madison...

The Center for STEM Education and Madison Park High School are forming a partnership during this school year. Northeastern students will be helping Madison Park teachers with tasks such as tutoring, classroom prep, or teaching lessons. Teachers have signed up for help with subjects ranging from science to math to health science, so you will be […]

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