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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Northeastern University’s AIAA Student Chapter was founded in the fall of 2012 by two students with a passion for aeronautics and astronautics. Their ultimate goal was to learn more about the fields by supplementing their classroom education with hands-on projects. Since its inception, the club has grown in numbers and aspirations. Club members gain practical experience as they work together to design and build projects such as near-space weather balloons and high power rockets.Beyond hosting its own events and rocket launches, AIAA assists us during STEM Field Trips, the BPS Science Fair, and additional programs.
New England Water and Environmental Association
The Northeastern chapter of the New England Water Environment Association strives to connect students to professionals in the water environment field. If you are interested in water quality, this may be the club for you!NEWEA supports K-12 outreach efforts by offering training and implementation of water quality testing, K-12 field trips, and more!
ASCE (Civil Engineers)
Our mission is to help our constituents develop interpersonal relationships and professionalism through various extracurricular activities and community service projects within the field of civil engineering.Currently support the Future City program for middle school students (mentoring and volunteering for competition), and Back Seats to Bicycles to help teach elementary students about biking and safety.
BESS (Black Engineering Student Society)
National Society of Black Engineers is dedicated to the recognition of under-represented minorities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields, helping them prepare for their future careers. Although our focus is the success of under-represented minorities, we welcome all races and nationalities.
The Nutrons consists primarily of students coming from high school FIRST teams. Nutrons have traveled all over Boston and beyond to preach the word of FIRST. Presentations to Boys & Girls clubs around the Boston area, and plan to host 20 girls from the Cambridge Outreach for Minority Girls at the Boston Regional this year.
InterAxon (Neuroscience)
InterAxon is a national undergraduate neuroscience outreach organization. The NEURONS InterAxon chapter is joining forces with other InterAxon chapters across the nation in creating and fostering interest, excitement and curiosity about the brain. Volunteer in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools to teach neuroscience. Assortment of interactive activities including presentations, brain games, trivia, fun facts, and more.
AIChE (Chemical Engineers)
Represents all chemical engineers at Northeastern University, forming relationships between students, professors as well as Co-Op providers. Programs include Chemical Engineering Car team which competes in a national competition to build and construct a chemically powered vehicle.Planning to host a "What is STEM?" introductory event for high school students
Institute of Transportation Engineers
The Northeastern University Institute of Transportation Engineers Chapter (ITE Chapter) primary mission is to enrich the depth and breadth of knowledge of the Transportation Engineering students' at Northeastern University in the areas of Transportation Systems Engineering and Research through interaction with the larger engineering Community. Participate in Future Cities and other community-based outreach efforts.
SWE (Society of Women Engineers)
SWE was established to have fun and promote women in engineering! To inform young women, their parents, counselors, and the public in general of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and the opportunities open to them; To assist women engineers in readying themselves for a return to active work after temporary retirement; To serve as a center of information on women in engineering; To encourage women engineers to attain high levels of educational and professional achievement. Annual "Cool Women, Hot Careers" which is an engineering day for female high school students. We are also going to be helping out ASME with an event they are putting on this year which is an engineering day for 7-9th graders. Interested in supporting more K-12 outreach volunteer opportunities.
Enable Engineers
Our mission is to use engineering technologies to: build low-cost devices that improve the lives of the elderly and individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities; help family members and nursing care professionals care for people with special needs; empower affected individuals by giving them greater independence, reducing medical errors, and increasing social connectedness, at minimal cost.Multiple projects have been conducted through the South Shore Educational Collaborative, which provides support to students with a wide range of medical challenges, to improve the teachers ability to interact with students in the classroom. We would love to be able to get students involved in using STEM skills to help people in need as frequently as possible in addition to helping disabled students live easier lives.
Neurons (Neuroscience)
NEURONS, the official club of the Behavioral Neuroscience major. NEURONS conducts community service and outreach efforts. Members have held information sessions about neurological health to college students, organized a brain donation drive, and recruited volunteers to lead brain activities for underserved students.
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers is a national non-profit organization that provides resources for professionals of Asian heritage to succeed in the global industry. The organization also serves as a platform for celebrating cultural diversity on campuses and workplaces, and as a community for members to network and connect with each other. SASE Memebership is open to all men and women professionals of all ethnic backgrounds.SASE supports K-12 Field Trip and other on-campus events
SHPE (Society of Hispanic Prof. Engineers)
The Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers is a professional organization whose goal is to enable Latinos in the New England area to pursue, obtain and develop successful careers with top research and development, high-tech, and communications companies, as well as other science- and engineering-based organizations. Our long term goals include more involvement in Community Service and providing local High Schools a SHPE Jr. Chapter to introduce to STEM fields/majors (Science, Technical, Engineering and Math) at an earlier age.
Solar Boat
Northeastern Solar Boat is a student-run engineering club that designs, builds, and competes a solar-powered boat. This club gives students a chance to apply what they have learned in the classroom and coop.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
seeks to promote and explore opportunities in engineering. NU-ASME offers students, faculty, alumni, and community members the ability to interact, network with engineering professionals, and provide civil service to the greater Boston area. ASME supports the Solar Boat program, teaching elementary students about buoyancy and other sailing lessons, in addition to having students visit the NU campus and build scale boat models. Summer 2014 ASME will participate in a Diversity Action Grant to bring elementary students to campus.
GWISE (Graduate Women in Science and Engineering)
GWISE is a group of graduate students and postdocs designed to assist in the professional and personal advancement of women in science and engineering at Northeastern University. GWISE strives to provide women with the support and resources necessary to be successful, as well as to create a sense of community. Active in hosting lab visits and tours, leading activities for students, and more.
Science Club for Girls
Original college chapter of Science Club for Girls, formed in September of 2010 by Northeastern University Students Anna Craver and Kristin Salomon. Mission: to provide opportunities for women studying STEM to give back to the younger generation and share their love of STEM as well as to connect with peers and professional women in the sciences.SCFG brings elementary aged students to campus for approximately 8 Saturdays every semester and performs hands-on science experiments with them in order to spark an interest in the STEM fields. We also bring high school aged girls to campus as junior mentors to help with the mentoring of the K-6th girls and to familiarize them with a college environment. Seeking to establish the "Steministas" program for middle school girls in 2014-2015.
NEU Splash
NEU Splash brings the successful MIT and Learning Unlimited program to Northeastern's campus. The Splash program offers an opportunity for University students to prepare and deliver a lesson or activity for local high school students. SPLASH held its first event on Saturday March 22nd, and is seeking to expand the one-day program to include a range of offerings - several weekend events, summer programs, and more.
NU Postdoctoral AssociationThe Postdoctoral associates support outreach activities on campus such as the Boston Citywide Science Fair, K-12 Field trips, and more. The group plans to host outreach activities, conduct lab visits, and support on-campus events that encompass engineering, sciences, health, and more.
3D Printing Lab
Located in the Digital Media Commons (DMC) on Snell Library's second level, the 3D Printing Studio offers the resources of a full suite of 3D fabrication and modeling technologies to members of the Northeastern community: students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and staff.
Biomedical Engineering Society
We're a recently-founded organization on campus dedicated to provide opportunities for students interested in biomedical engineering. Read our news@Northeastern article to find out how we got started!Participate in the Science Club for Girls "Show me the Science" . We hosted two activities: building candy DNA and observing how gelatin and cellulose capsules dissolve in different solutions with varying pH. The group would like to become more engaged by volunteering in schools and at after-school programs. We would also like to be more involved in events held by STEM by volunteering at science fairs and other events on campus.
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
As a student branch of the IEEE (Region 1), IEEE at Northeastern University is the third largest student branch in the Boston Area. With an active membership of over 90 students and several IEEE technical societies, IEEE at Northeastern University strives to "promote the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electro and information technologies and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession". We at IEEE at Northeastern Univeristy believe this can be accomplished by enabling students with access to both the latest technological tools, as well as access to industry leaders who have been and/or are the vanguard of their engineering fields.Assistance on field trips, BPS Science Fair activity expo
NEPTUN’s (Northeastern Program for Teaching by Undergraduates) Splash event is a bi-yearly event in which Northeastern undergraduates teach free classes to high school students. “The point of the program isn’t necessarily to gain hard skills or learn a subject in depth. We want students to be excited about exploration, creativity, and everything that makes studying worth it.”NEPTUN Splash event


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