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What We Do
Create, consolidate, and coordinate new and existing outreach programs that have a significant impact on the STEM pipeline, on STEM teaching and learning in GK-16, on GK-12 STEM outreach, and on STEM Education Research. This Center focuses on solidifying Northeastern University’s role as a major contributor to the improvement of K-16 Education in Boston and the state of Massachusetts.

The Center for STEM Education at Northeastern University seeks to build and support a community of educators, researchers, and students, with the collective goal of strengthening the K-20 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational ecosystem.


  • Increase student interest and improve student performance in STEM subjects by designing, supporting, and implementing academic and extracurricular programs in STEM fields.
  • Expand the opportunities for traditionally under-represented groups to engage in STEM studies and pursue STEM-related careers.
  • Strengthen mentoring and support of students interested and/or engaged in STEM fields.
  • Drive the field of STEM education by encouraging intra-departmental and cross-institutional collaboration, providing resources and expertise for STEM faculty to strengthen and expand Broader Impact requirements in their research, disseminate research findings in STEM education, and sharing best practices within the institution and beyond.
  • Serve as a recognized leader in the design and implementation of STEM education-related programs while helping Northeastern to achieve distinction in this field.

Contact Us Directly

Staff Directory

(617) 373-8380

Physical Address:
110 Forsyth Street
Room 153 Snell Engineering
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

Mailing Address:
Center for STEM Education
153 Snell Engineering
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

Field Trip Drop-off Address:
Ruggles Rotary (120 Forsyth Street)
Boston, Massachusetts 02115